Sunday, December 26, 2010

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so my christmas was rough haha lets see, after i called u we went to echague for the baptism and interview and that was all good except the person i interviewed was so talkative so it went late and when we tryed to get a ride home we couldnt so we stayed at there house and that was cool but i just wanted to go home... thne i ended up sleeping on the tile floor which was so hard and it stunk. then we also saw a dog get NAILED while waiting for the ride home that never came, it was crazy the dog was straight OUT OF IT! then i have also been sick on top of it. So sunday we wake up and go to church and like all of out investigators were gone and stuff and couldnt go to church it stunk. So then sunday we worked pretty hard and went all over the place but i had a HORRIBLE stomache ache so taht was tough and then my voice is all jacked cause i have a sore throat.. sunday night we had a family home eveing that was pretty sweet. i love that family. Today we went and played football ealier that was way fun. thats pretty much it since i last talked to u haha. i guess i was just bumbed cause i am sick and for what could be my last sunday, our investigators were other places.

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