Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This week… nothin really amazin happened I guess it was just a regual week, last Tuesday we went and had our district meeting and it was really good, I love teachin with the district I learn a lot. Then our whole district went and ate together, which is always fun cause there all way awesome. After that thought me and my comp had splits again with the zone leaders and that was fun, I went with this philipino his name is elder cabanacan and he is a really good missionary, so I learned a lot from him and it was fun to just teach back and forth with the guy, we tore it up in our area, I had one of the most spiritual experiences too it was sick, we just had this old women pray to know if joseph smith was true right in front of us and she just started bawling and said he was true it was just a “you had to be there” klinda thing but it was great, good testimony builder. Then the next day we went and met and then sepatated again. Wedensday was sweet too. We taught a lot and walked even more, it is nuts how long we walk every wednsday and Friday, but I acctualy love it cause its just me and jackson and we just talk the whole time while walking a hundred miles and hour. Saturday me and jackson had to get up and just run out the door to catch the baptism of some of our district mate, then when we got there pres was there too so it was nice to see them there. The baptism went well too, then I interviewed another kid they had and that is going to be baptised next week. Sunday was good, we had a good number come to church again but it was lowed cause they just started planting season. We got a few more kids to come too this week we had been teaching so that was good. Then we had this coralation meeting with the ward, it was good, they are so aweosme and we were laughing so muh, mostly at me and my comp and our spelling of the weird philipino names. But it was good, and there defianlty getting more in the work and its goig to help out a ton more! Then I went out with pres to work, man god is blessing us, if everything worked out like it is looking like it should we could be havng a TON of succes coming real fast, we just got 2 HUGE families that are really interested and said there going to go to church next week, we could have like 15 investigators at church next week if it all works out good, but we’ll see. The work is going good, pretty much me and jackson are just workin hard and doing our best and god is making up the rest, so thankful. Man it was all I could do to keep my mind off football this week with the game and everything, my comp and I, with other missionaries played football and basketball this morning, it was way fun. I miss it!

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