Monday, March 14, 2011

im really sorry i really dont have any time to write right now i have had the longest day ever but its been so fun, we went up to some falls and it was SOOOOO awesome, ill explain next week i only have like 20 min and i have to just print off everything u guys sent me so sorry i cant respond right now, next week. MOM this week was awesome, it just all went so good even as zone leaders with our zone leader work we got so much done, we got 68 member presents and ended up with about 75 lessons we taught this week with like 21 new investigators, it was by FAR the best working week of my life, no resting no wasting any time just constantly going! its so hard on ur brain when u do that,its not that it is physical work its just all mental, u teach so much and u understand how important is everyhting u can share to them and by the end of the day ur just sick of it haha its SOOO hard but it was so awesome! im lovin the mission, its so tireing but its awesome! my comp is a stud too so we just work and work ans work! well i love u guys and im thankful for ur suport out here, im sorry this is so short ill write more next week, love you!!!

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