Sunday, March 6, 2011

sweet! thanks for the little updates i like hearing that kinda stuff! ya we had our big conferance thing, it was pretty cool cause the night before naylor got to sleep at our apartment, i tried to go to bed but they were sitting on my bed so i couldnt and we ended up staying up pretty late, i didnt wana be the party pooper so i just let it go haha but they meeting was pretty sick! ya they took some pictures so i was wondering if u would see that. Thats nuts chelsea is about to graduate, only one sport left and its all over. thats sweet everyone is up there right now!
Our trip to the caves was so awesome, it was the whole district, it was a district ativity, we were suppose to go to waterfalls today but then everyone backout out and so it was going to be just us and 2 sister missionaries so we didnt go....
the zone is awesome, there all way way good, we just got a few "prospective" missionaries that dont make the best decisions but where trying to help them out, this week i get to go on a split with the worst one of them all :) so we will see how that is! we didnt interview anyone but we got 2 more baptisms this week... the city is way difrent, the people in the city are defianlty way harder to teach but its all good we have some places out in the bukids so we teach a lot out there and are work is going AWWESOME! even though we are baptiseing a lot of people we are getting knew ones to progress so that is SOOO awesome. my comp is alright, we get along no problem. and his parents just dont write him, there family is just like that. and we are averaging 40 member pressents a week still so the area is awesome! is the flash drive coming? SWEET man i have a ton of pictures too so hopefully i get it soon! i love ya mom, thanks for the updates, the mission is going amazing, its going way to fast too, u wouldnt belive how busy i am

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