Sunday, March 20, 2011


man this week was a good one again, we topped it off with 3 knew baptised and ordained members of this the true church yesterday, it was good, we had a zone baptism this week and it went really good, we baptised about 15 so it was a good day. we also got another 65 lessons taught this week so that was awesome, i love how we can just work and work and work, we come home and just fall in bed and fall asleep listening to confrence talks, then we wake up and do it all again the following day, its the life!
the weeks are going by so fast thought, i can hardly belive that this cycle is through, this thursday is transfer meeting againg.. WHAT!?!, but none of of will be transfered here, man i bet u im going ot be here forever again... but thats cool wiht me its AWESOME here. well i dont know what else to tell u, everything is going really good right now, we will have another baptism next week too makeing it 10 baptisms this cycle :) it was a really good cycle. last week we went and climbed this mountain, on the side of a lot of waterfalls, it was sketchy! but so fun and we climed sooo far! this is one pic. well i dont know what else to say, hope everything is going good at home, btw i need to get some personal money, i need to send a package home this week and its going to kinda be a lot so i have to get a lot of money out ... sorry! love ya and i hope ur all doing good at home!

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