Monday, March 7, 2011


man i really dont know what to write about this week... we did a lot of stuff and were always soooo busy, if we werent doing one thing we were heading to another and whenever we had time for work we were just teaching so it was way way aweosme, it makes everything go soooo fast. tuesday we had our distrit meeting and it was sweet we had some problems in the district we had to fix and talk to some elders but it was ok, then that night naylor and his comp spent the night cause wednesday we went to a big meeting which took like almost the whole day but it was good, i learned a lot im so excited to share with others, then we got home and RAN to each one of our apointments to get them in. then thursday we did our weekly planning so that friday we could go watch others, when we went to the peoples we were suppose to watch friday it wasnt could when we got to there house, but we had to talk to them and they got it figured out and we watched there planning then went home and went straight to work again, saturday we had a baptism we had to get ready for, then after that we had to many people we needed to go see so we had to go on splits and went and taught tell it was dark. sunday was AWESOME we ended up having a lot of people start going to church this week and it was there first time so that means we are getting knew preogressing investigators again which is awoemse after all the baptism we have been doin. then we had to go and prepair a lesson cause we were suppose teach the leaders of all the branches in our whole zone, as in a TON of people likle over 200 leaders, but it ended up we didnt get to cause of lack of time. so we went and ran to a bunch of apointments and it was all awsome. so the week was pretty full and it doesnt look like it will ever slow down either, if anything it will probably start getting faster haha :) love it! hope everything is going good at home, love ya all!

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