Monday, April 11, 2011


Thanks for the info, I love hearing about that stuff. It always inspires me too to try to help everyone i can here to have tha,t and then in the back of my mind when we are having a hard time, i just remember what i still have to go home too and its awesome! to think about. that was so cool u got to go to the Conference center, jealous! I absolutely loved conference, of course. so many good talks, it makes me mad all the conferences that i could have watched and been inspired from at home, but didnt :). sounds like u guys had a heck-of-a-week... so grandpa got his letter? that is cool, but i thought i sent that with all the ones i sent to madi and chelsea and payton... did they get theirs? im excited too. to be able to read the conference talks, i loved the whole thing, it seemed like there was a lot of talks about dealing with hard times... and i LOVED THAT, to be honest i dont even know if that is really how it is, thats just totally what i got out of it, cause that is exactly what i needed. the area is getting HARD right now, we find sooooo much, we dont waist any time, we try our best, and teach awesome lessons, the best i know how, yet still, we cant get anyone to preogress really good like we need and to get them that interested like they need too be. all u can that is, " What am i doing wrong?" and what could i possibly be doing more? cause from what i know, we cant really do any better... 100% obedient, work all day, give our best in every lesson, but the same thing keeps happening. so that was the problem i have faced these last few weeks, and it has been a GREAT learning experience. i love it, im now thankful for these hard things that happen too me, expecially after some of those talks. its all about having that ETERNAL VIEW, of the real reason why we are here. so even though its hard and its not getting too much better, were just going to continue to do our best, knowing that is all god wants and expects of me. i love this work, i remember reading in preach my gospel while looking for answers to this problem i was facing and i read somthing like, NO TIME IS WAISTED, just us going to each of their houses, is a sign of Gods love for each one of them, and i know the time that it seems like im waisting, im defiantly not. I know god will eventually give us the success that we deserve and even if its somthing i will never know about, atleast im able to plant a LOT of seeds and future elders can harvest them off. i love the work, even when its hard, i love the feeling after a long hard day, laying down, but forcing yourself not to go to sleep yet cause u havnt prayed yet, just knowing that u gave ur best that day. BEST feeling in the world, and it seems like the holly ghost kinda lets u know, or atleast reminds u of that. its just an awesoem thing to be a part of such a spectacular work. hope everything is going good at home mom, love ya and i hope u can keep everything running and in order at home, its slowly becomeing summer time again CRAZY :).

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