Wednesday, April 20, 2011

well everyone one of those prayers where defiantly answered this week... i kid u not like it was a huge testimony builder this week watching things go in a 180 degree turn... so last week, even though we worked our BUMS off and everything, we only ended up with like 3 at church and then all of out baptismal dates just fell through, this week on the other hand. we had 11 go to church and a TON of progressing now. 11 is a lot too, it was pretty much everyone we invited and like 6 of those were people we just found this week... it was nothing short of a miracle that we experienced this week, in my opinion anyways. i knew this whole thing was just a test and i just needed to endure a little longer and god would bless us, and he totally did. i believe none of this was a coincidence, it was just another test to build my testimony and faith, so im soooo thankful for that! but ya, all the sudden the work is going AWESOME now. its not that we ever slowed down or anything either, but when ur finding all day and everyone u teach is knew, a lot of your appointments dont go through and u ended up finding and walking a ton, not able to teach as much. but with all these knew progressing we should have a TON get back and going! im way excited. one thing that happened this week, and we got a investigator out of it, we that this 26 year ol guy accidentally ran over his 1 year and 2 month old kid, that was SOOO sad. but now the guy is coming to church with his wife, who was a less active member, and they are way interested now in the discussions. that was missionary work stuff, a lot of other good things happened too and its all just awesome, testimony builder stuff. then on the other side of my job out here, we dealed with a lot of missionaries this week too. just a lot of stuff is going on that we had to fix and stuff, i love these elders and they seem like they are trying harder and stuff, but its really have to get them to be completely obedient like u want them too be, so that's and on-going-battle, but im thankful to be able to serve under all these missionaries. the week was great, thanks for all the prayers, really came in handy this week, and god answers them all, just not in the way we always want it, basta, he answers them! Love ya mom, take care, have another good week, thanks for the updates, i hope they liked those notes i need to send them more ofter, did payton get his coin thing? i got his note, tell him thanks. i still havnt gotten those pictures cheslea said u sent, i hope it wasnt lost, where they just CDs or what? my package thing should get to u pretty soon, ull love all those pictures. alright INGAT (Take care) see ya next week.

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