Monday, April 25, 2011

we wear shoes 24/7 we never walk bear foot, which i miss SO bad! man that stinks what happened to carson, scars on the head are like lifetime things, hopefully it wont be to obvious the rest of his life. thats cool u got those pictures, i have a bunch more now too and i dont know if ima send them, ur probably going to have to wait until i just get home. that is sweet for dallin though, that will be a GOOD learning experience.(He's going to the West Indes in August) Man im glad those videos made it there. Ya i know, i will probably be coming home pretty dang early :( i told president he didnt have to, like if anything, i didnt really want to and i defiantly doing want him thinkin i wana just get home, but he totally understood, pres is just liek that he relises that i need to get that stuff, schooling, getting going too...
SO this week was awesome. it FLEW! like i couldnt belive that it was sunday yesterday, but i guess that is just what happens when u are staying SOOO busy. so this week we had to do a bunch of ZONE LEADER stuff...:), but i LOVE all the elders in our zone, they're doing so much better now. and then Thursday we had our zone meeting, it went really good. afterwards we got interviews and me and pres got to talk a little while, so i found out my comp is leaving and im most likly going to get another one to train to be a zone leader but nothing is really finally yet. it was a sweet interview though, i love our pres! then saturday we had to go and conduct, and teach, 2 firesides, where we literally did about the whole thing. but it was good, it was all for getting member involved in missionary work and about REFERRALS that are desperately needed. so that was good. then yesterday was awesome, we had to conduct another baptism and got a lot of work in and a TON of people back to church again. our work is going WAY good right now, god is just helping us out a ton and we are always busy with stuff to do... we are so busy we even had to teach a guy earlier this morning just so we could get it all in. but its good, i love it like this, the only bad thing is it makes time FLY.... But everything is going good, nothing to bad has happened or anything like that, the mission is going awesome, im learning a ton. kinda bummed my comp is going to be leaving, we have a good time, but thats just how it is. LOVE ya too mom, im thankful for all the letters. hope everything is going good at home. i cant believe its tahts close now, until i get to call home for mothers day.... crazy

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