Sunday, April 10, 2011


well thanks for the letter it was aweosme! you guys are having a BLAST at home that is so cool! Man i was SO bumbed when i heard that edmands was going home :( that stinks i guess it never even crossed my mind that i might not ever see that punk again! i need to tell him still have thanksful i am for him and i have thought about that many times how i need to tell taht guy sorry and how thankful i really am for all he did for me. TO BAD; i guess ill never really be able to do that... our last ap was the BEST AP ever! i loved him, everyone loved him, and his teeth were fake, it was soooo funny, man wait till i get home and tell u his story, guy is my IDLE!
Well my week was not quite as crazy as last week, but it was still NUTS :). i love being a missionary here in the Philippines!
So this week our KNEW district leaders had there first distric meetings :) the one i went to was like a HUGE motivational speech and the my comp went to the other one which was pretty much the same thing he said. but they are studs and they'll be able to help out this zone a lot, i guess, god called them anyways so thats what is expected :). the following day we had a big meeting with pres and all the zone leaders with the district leaders too, from 4 zones, we all gathered and talked about our responsibilities as ZLs and DLs, it was aweosme, we also got fed like KINGS! it was awesome. Thursday we went on splits i ended up going with Elder Arabia, sadi arabia is his name, and he is RIPPED! we had an awesome day! i learned a lot from and him found out a lot abot him and i Love this guy, we had an awesome split. he actually is just coming from my old area, mabini, and he said all of the people over there would always ask about me but he really didnt know me yet, then he showed my pictures of all the people he baptised which was a HUGE amount over there, and they were all my old INVESTIGATORS!!! i was soooo excited to see that! i seriously taught like 10 of the 15 he baptised there! then all my old baptisms there were still active and stuff so i was SOOO excited for that!!! it was just awesome to figure that out, it was so funny looking at all his pictures it was like a old life i loved taht i just had to pick up and leave behind in one day :(...
Then the other days were just full of work and meetings and stuff. its been another AWESOME week, we got a ton of lessons in again and we dont waist time at all which i feel really good about. i just want my mission to be something that i can say i didnt do one thing wrong, even though i have weaknesses i did my best and i dont ever want to have any regrets about any any of it. just wana be able to say after this that i gave the best 2 years i possibly could and untill this point i feel like i can defiantly say that, i just need to finish it of :) MAGTIIS, ENDURE.
Man i feel like i cant say to much more then the mission is aweosme, i learn so much, i get to work on, build up and gain my testimony every morning for 2 hours then the rest of the day i get to bear it to everyone i teach all day and its just so aweome, you could not go on a mission and not come home without the best, most rock solid testimony ever, unless, u did something horribly wrong and were a lazy missionary haha.
Im thankful for the support and the letters, they help me out a ton. the mission, by no means, is easy :). but thats defiantly what makes it so aweosme. thank you so much for everything LOVE ya!

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