Sunday, June 26, 2011


man it sounds like everything is going awesome at home. thats so awesome to hear as a missionary...

Well as far as my week goes, i never seem to have to much to say except everything is going GREAT. im just so humbled for all the blessing that we are receiving. its just a humble experience seeing so many people progress and just being blessed so much that u feel like its to much! we have 14 baptismal dates and 16 of our investigators went to church yesterday. All of these dates should DEFIANTLY end up getting baptised too, its just all about getting them past their problems and then getting them a STRONG testimony. We even had about 4 that were GOING to get baptised moved away. so that was pretty disappointing but we are almost overwhelmed as it is so i have NO complaints, i know they will still all end up getting baptismed too. so last tuesday edwards came and that was sweet. First, all the leaders of the zones had a 1 hour meeting exclusively for the leaders. that was awesome, really learned how to help others and be a really good leader... then after that everyone came in and we have a amazing 4 hours of a strong spirit and lots of learning. I dont even know what to write about it, basta, it was fantastic! after this we ate like kings! im going ot get so fat when i get home. good food is SUCH a treat here, and when the chances comes around, there isnt any holding back. we also had a fireside that night that he taught at and it was for parents. it went really good to and i learned a lot about dealing with kids... pretty worthless knowledge for me write now, but i figure it will come in handy some day :). The rest of our week after that went pretty smooth too. One of our elders got sick so we had to visit and take care of him for a little bit, so we had interferences with the work, but nothing to much, and we still ended up with about 40 lessons taught. it was a good week!
So this week we also had a sweet holiday called "san juan day" its like john the baptist day and its just like an excuse the kids use to through water at u as u go by. we had a rude introduction to this day. That moring we were goin to ramon to observe there weekly planing and i saw this guy with a bucket of water, cocked, and ready to through it. By time it really crossed my mind i was soaked! we were inside a van too. i had no idea about it either and if he would have stopped the van i probably would have went over and put the kids face in the bucket, i was MAD. But later we figured it out and bought water guns, which we use to shoot other people :). its a SWEET holiday. This morning we went and played football. it was sweet! on the way home we saw this sweet wreck. this guy on a motorcycle trying to swerve and miss the dog that ran out in front of him, and wasnt quiet able to make it. the dog died and the guys motorcycle slid across the road while it went tumbling after it. it happened write infront of us. fortunately the guy walked away. the dog was dead, but thats what it deserved. Man i wish i really had time to write you all the things that really happen here haha. but i would never have the time for that :(. INGAT!!!

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