Sunday, June 12, 2011


Mom i got that package a long time ago... it was awesome thank you very much. im not sure what i want in the next one. just more pics and the scar remover stuff. You dont even need to load it with candy cause i dont wana get fat. ive actually trimed all my fat off and all the women here are getting mad at me now and saying i looked a LOT better when i was bigger. But thats just how it is here. if ur FAT then your healthy. i kid you not and im not exaggerating at all... so, ya just send whatever. maybe u can send a bottle of vanilla so i can make cookies and stuff they dont really have vanilla here... and u should send pudding mix... and like browny mixes and stuff. just mixes and we'll figure it out here :)>
Man we, even as leaders, are able to teach more, or as much anyone else i know... its just blessings though, god has really, really blessed us with success. But we have to use up a lot of time on our calling though too... this week we had district meeting, Service project and interviews we had to do this week that kinda distracted us from our work, but still, we were able to get a LOT of lessons in and ended up with around 40 or so... its just really been awesome, but it really makes the time FLY!!! this is the last week in the cycle and thursday is transfer day. im still not sure if either me or my comp with be moved but either way it doesnt really matter, to be honest, i really dont wana go!!! we have soooo much potensial. yesterday we had 17 of our investigators go to church!!! that is a TON. The work is just going really good right now, thats about all i can say about that. Its crazy how true our church is. i started reading the hand book of instruction and its funny how all of it is mostly based off of common sense. I also, in the little free time we have, started reading this aweosme book that a proffesor at byu wrote called, "Believing Christ" its soo good i would love for you to read it, you would LOVe it! but it just talks about how most young people, and even some old, dont really grasp the true essence or root of our faith. they believe it but dont fully understand it. it just explains how much we REALLY REALLY need christ in our lives and how everything should be focused off that. its just somehting u have to read, then it makes so much sense! its just a really good book! i, for one, did NOT know a tenth as much about christ as i should have or now do, before my mission. But now that i have learned, and studding all about him and his life, it makes is so much clearer, and life is just better... Christ is the center of my faith and ive just been really thankful for all i have learned about him, and his role, in my, and our salvation. I also, most likly, would have never figured all that out if i didnt come out here. my mission has helped me sooo much, i LOVE it. i couldnt put into words how thankful i am for my mission and all i am able to learn, and mst of all, that im able to serve. THanks for the support mom, i love ya, hope everything continues to go well at home. INGAT!!!
PS this picture is from our last service project i jumped off the roof into the pile of sand... it was SICK!!!!

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