Sunday, June 19, 2011

thanks for the letter it was awsome. sounds like summer has defiantly started! the trek sounds like its going to be fun. i laughed at what you said about kellon being carries by everyone but his own father haha. you also asked if i had gotten hurt from in our csp; Nah, that was way fun though,
My week has been another awesome one! We had a lot of things happen. last tuesday we got the transfer list, and i found i wasnt getting moved! i was so excited! i dont wana move, its not cool, and now this meens i automatically get 2 more cycles here. can u believe i have only had 3 cycles and will probably only end up with 4. i personally love it this way!!! wendesday we went and droped a kid in our zone off that was going home and got to see everyone; it was way awesome! we just said good bye, and it was way wierd knowing i was going to see them for the last time, cause i had come to know the majority of them. Thursday we went to cauayan again and attended the transfer meeting to see who the knew people in our zone were. This next cycle is going to be another awsome one, im stocked! then friday and saturday we worked. Saturday night was HORRIBLE though. That night i had gone to bed with a splitting head ache and woke up in the middle of the night just FREEZING. i turned off my fan and got all roled up in me covers with my head all inside and i was still shivering i was so cold. i could NOT sleep. then i looked to see if my comp was cold and he was all sprawled out with his fan on full blast. i had such a bad head ache and couldnt go to sleep for ever, but in the end, ended up getting a little, and then woke up the next moving and went straight to church. i had the worst head ache the whole day and felt way week, but we i was able to deal with it. we also got a ton of work in and it turned out to be a awesome day, besides the fact i felt like garbage the whole day. i woke up this morning feeling a lot better though and i hope it will go all go away soon so it doesnt affect out work. But i have a FUNNY story, its not really funny but its interesting. so yesterday we had splits, and i was teaching at one of our investigators house. it was going good, and tatay was listening really good, when all the suddend i noticed there was atleast 10 diffrent rats running everywhere, all shapes and sizes from HUGE chicken eating ones to little babies jumping across my feet. it was sick, they would fight and get all over everything, and they eat there chickens. I was so destracted by them i just had to ignore it and then keep going with the lesson. but im pretty sure i saw atleast 20 diffrent rats and they were all diffrent. good thing i aint scared of them or i couldn'd have done that. BUt its all apart of living here. I love it here. This is my comps last cycle and he wants to make it a good one. we have to much potensial its crazy.

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