Monday, June 6, 2011


On Wednesday our zone leaders arrived by 4:00 pm for an overnight zone leader council. We called it our Mission Brain Trust where our leaders put together their ideas to change some of our mission policies and direction.

They came prepared to speak about a quote from President Monson which says, "Never let a problem to be solved overshadow a person to be loved." When they arrived they were handed a list of top concerns for our mission. They were asked to select the top 4 and rank them in order of importance to them. From that we selected four topics. Then the zone leaders selected a plastic egg from a bowl. In it was their team assignments. We had four groups of four elders. Their team captains then drew out a card with their assignment. Each group was given 90 minutes to create a presentation expounding on their topic, they could use as a resource and ask for help with object lessons etc. Their presentation was to be interactive and at the end they should have an action plan in place that each zone could roll out in the near future.

After a delicious dinner of President's Chicken Cacciatore and a big green salad, the first two groups did their presentations. Wow! They totally blew us away. They were so insightful and well done! We were totally impressed.

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