Sunday, July 3, 2011


We do tract whenever we have time but right now we dont really have time cause our teaching pool is full! So when are you guys going on this trip? sounds like it will be fun! Its the 4th right now and i asked pres for permision to watch the other side of heaven. he said we could so thats what we are going later. Sounds like everyone is staying busy at the house. thats good. love to hear that your all doing good!
Well this week was pretty sweet! we had a lot of time to work and stuff so it was great. We ended up having quiet a bit of lessons and 20 of our investigators went to church yesterday. it was SOOO awesome! We should have a lot of baptisms this cycle and a ton next cycle too. i think we have 14 with date. and these others that are going to church should have a date by the end of the week. 4 of our investigators passed their interview last saturday so they will all be baptized this following week. god has really been blessing us with a ton of work. we even found a knew family that wants to be taught. we only visited her friday, and she went to church on sunday. She is so cool and wil defianlty end up getting baptized with her family. im excited to start teaching her this week. But the whole week was just awesome. im really excited about our work here right now. The only bad part about this week started sunday morning at about 3:30. i woke up really sick again with a high fever :(. I went to church feeling like CRUD and just had to endure. When we got home i tryed to take a nap but my head was killing so i checked my temp and i was only like 102.6. My whole body was just really week though. i took some medicen which helped me work for a little bit but i eventually had to come home and just rest. All yesterday my fever refused to leave. Last night was one of the worst nights of my life. I didnt sleep more then 2 hours, i was pukeing, and just felt horrible the whole night. This morning i felt a little better but i still need to rest. after i email im just going to go back to the house a rest, then were going to watch the other side of heaven. so that will be nice.

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