Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks for the info mom that was great. Sounds like it was quite a wild week, that makes them FLY. The transfer went way awesome. Sending a comp home was weird but getting another stud made it all better. My knew comp is way cool, and a hard worker. Im so excited for this cycle, but im kinda scared. I know it going to FLY:(... I DONT WANT THIS TO BE OVER. This week was wierd. We had a bagyo that was a number 2, it was pretty strong, but we never got the lock down text, so i went out and worked.... it was funny, everyone was telling us to get indoors cause the sheet metal was going to cut off out heads. It was a reasonable concern, but... it was way to fun walking out side getting SOAKED to the bone and teaching people in the middle of a bagyo. They couldnt believe we were still working. Needless to say all my stuff has just been getting soaked, that isnt fun. Besides that though we received a ton of new people in our zone that i am excited to meet and im really looking forward to what kinda things we can accomplish this cycle as a zone. THe zone is doing better then it ever has, and i just dont want that to change. our work is also going really good. We will have 2 more baptisms this next week and we have been finding some new potential investigators so im really excited for our work. No complaints. I know i am getting way skinny though, everyone reminds me of it everyday, but there really isnt anything i can do about it.... I just get sick and its all gone... im not to worried about it though. ima just get big when i get home.

Man im loving it out here mom, the work is awesome, my comp is a stud and i am always just way happy. Hope everything at home is going good too.

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