Tuesday, July 19, 2011

man i wouldnt have tooken stud in, i would have just shot him... Its just like that, they always die. When i get a dog i will make sure its safe first. Man that stinks though. i feel bad for all these dogs of ours.
Well sounds like things are a littly hectic at home... Glad i dont have to deal with taht worthless nonsense... Well are work went great this week. We had our zone meeting which went awesome. After it i got to have a little interview with president which was awesome too! i love him so much, he is just an awesome guy. After that it was our zones turn to do "apartment checks" so that took up a lot of time... It was cool and all but we have a TON of work... In the end it all worked out great. Our biggest goal was to get people ready for their interviews this last weekend, which we accomplished, and they all Passes so far. So as of now we have 5 people that will be baptised and there should be one more that is being interviewd this tuesday. So everything has been going good. ON top of all that, we have also been finding some new investigators that are ready for the gospel so we were able to give other people some baptism goal dates too. The work just keeps on rolling... And thats exactly how i LOVE it. Im so glad i still ahve another cycle here. if it were my choice i would just end my mission here... My comp is hanging in there. His last cycle is exactly how i want mine to be. You would never guess he goes home in 9 days! i love it, its good. So everything s going good. Im loving the work, and even with the distractions we still got a TON of work done. THese people that are about to be baptised are amazing too. they're all very ready for it and im excited for this weekend. We are actually having a stake baptism so its going to be great. A ton of people are getting baptised. The zone is doing amazing right now too. Numbers are higher then EVER, and its just so cool. Well the missions going great. it jut keeps on rolling with no signs of slowing down. Thanks for everything, i love ya, stay safe!!!

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