Monday, July 25, 2011


Man my comp is going home in 2 days. Its nuts, i cant belive it!!! But im also excited for my knew comp. We're going to own. We have so many investigators right now that are progressing and the work is just going awesome. God continues to bless us with a ton of work and people that are ready. So we had 6 baptisms this week and we put together a Stake baptism that went really good. Our whole zone brought all the investigators and we had over 18 baptised in our whole zone. Which is a TON just for one week!!! President came and it went really good. Dang it i want to send you these pics but i dont have the cord. next week ill defiantly have to. But besides that not to much has happened. And at the same time a lot has. I went on 2 splits this week trying to train and help other missionaries and they both turned out really successful!!! i love being a missionary, and a leader so i can help other fulfill the purpose too.
Banue was so sick mom, i loved it. Its a story for another time though, we are low on time and i had to write all you guys. Next week ill send you a bunch of SICK pictures. Love ya mom, thanks for all ya do!!!

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