Sunday, May 16, 2010

Alright so what first? Thank u for the letters I love reading them. This week has been pretty crazy. First we had this huge festival here in our little Lugar and it was sweet. I have NEVER ate so much in my life, all these people use all there money to eat during this festival, and its good food, don’t like asking what it is though cause I’m afraid, but it is good. But dude its like I live in a camping trip, that is what elder Naylor always says and it is so true. When we eat its not sanitary at all, I cannot believe that I am not always sick. But festival stunk too cause we couldn’t teach anyone, they just wanted to feed us and send us off.
My comp leaves tomorrow. I hate having a comp that is going home cause it makes me think of going home and I don’t want to think about that, I have thought about my family so much, I really try to avoid it though, except when I am going to bed at night but whenever I feel down cause of something its just the best to start thinking about my family and its all good, I cant really describe it but its like that. I love hearing about ur guys's suess too. Chelsea is kicking butt it sounds that is way sweet.
My new comps are going to be so cool. Wait tell I send these pics and videos home you'll love them, this morning we killed the pig, don’t worry I got it all on video for u, and tonight we are eating it as a family home evening, I defiantly live in the Philippines everything I do I am like man this is so different then I’m used too but I am being watched over constantly. Well the pig is in a better place, its all good now lol
I don’t know what clicked this week, I guess God just got sick of hearing it and gave me this language but I am a whole different level now and I just need to talk more and get practice so its just like English without much thinking, oh the mission is hard but I love it all, I have learned what it is like to put your whole life in God’s hands and then see how he takes care of u, its awesome and I’m learning a ton.
Alright some funny things happened this week, first we went to this appointment during festival and our investigator was drunk and naked just sitting on the ground rolling around and stuff, we saw him from his entrance about 30 yards away and I have never seen anyone more drunk. It was so funny, oh and something really crazy happened this week to the other comp. They saved this guys life who really would’ve died, I cant describe it all but this is the picture, this guy with a baby and he is drunk, walking around with blood on his whole person, and its flowing out of his head like water and its 9 at night so its way dark and he has a machete in his hand, the whole story is really crazy, but they came in at night way late and they were quiet which is weird and they have the worst looks on there face and Naylor was just about to cry. They were way shookin up but they're alright now, the guy lived, they don’t know how they thought he was dead for sure.
Oh and then we had some storms this week and this caribou got struck by lighting, I thought that was funny there was blood all over the street. So they cooked it and ate it of course. Oh and then I saw this centipede the size of a baby snake. That’s actually what I thought it was at first until I saw it better. It was so huge.
Our teaching is progressing, we have gotten 3 more baptism dates this week and I have 6 this Saturday. We have had a ton lined up, we have also gotten a bunch dropped lol, but no I have been getting dates and stuff like crazy and we have a lot more then 9 lined up right now lol I think we got like 12 and then we have some that are close to getting dates

Well have fun at home, take care, and love ya all.

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