Monday, May 10, 2010

Man it was nice to talk to u guys today. I read it again in the white hand book after I called u and it say preferably 30-40 and I think that makes an exception for people with HUGE families. So I am going to talk to pres and see what he says in our next interview. It was awesome to hear from u guys though. By the next phone call I am going to be in the middle of my mission. That will be the best phone call ever cause after that the mission is just going to fly. I was mad I didn’t really get to talk to any of the kids. There my l\brothers and sisters I should be able to talk to them there was just no time. Nice to here Chelsea is getting so fast that is freaking awesme. Today is going to be so awesome right after we email were going home and then we are going to go to a huge river that is in the middle of nowhere. I think I am going to send the picture home next week if u get the package I sent by then. As soon as u receives the last one ill send this next one. That one doesn’t really have very much to look at but this next one is full of videos and stuff. I think you'll love. I love ya dad I hope ur week goes good. another year of school is almost over. Can u freakin believe that? SPRING BALL!

I had a crazy week and I want to share loll. It all started with our way home from p-day. We were going and all the sudden the jeep slams on its brakes and everyone was saying this crazy Tagalog word which means under the water or into the water and this bike drove down into this HUGE River. That was different. Next we started getting so ulan this week. Rain and the storms here are like none other vie ever seen. The whole night lights up the without stopping for like hours with lighting it is crazy. It’s the coolest thing in the world; it’s like a strobe light. And the fast and testimony was pretty crazy., this crazy old women tells us how she died of some sickness when she is 13 and she goes to heaven and god or someone tells her its not her time and her parents are sad and she needs to go be with them so she got brought back to life. And this week is election week. This place is pretty corrupt so we are in lock down tonight cause there will most likely be some killing tonight. It’s a really big deal in my area because the mayor’s house got raided last week and they found ALL kinds of guns and bad stuff. Saw a cobra that was about a foot away from me while we were tracking and it was HUGE. Almost died in a tricycle wreck with a kaliglig. Then I got really sick this weak. Really sick. and so my comp called the mission pres wife cause he didn’t think I should work so he called her and she yelled at me for not calling sooner and made us stay in the house the rest of the day so I came up with the BEST prank ever and played it on the other elders, it was so awesome. We wrote a note that I got really sick and had to go to the hospital and I left it on there desk and we waited outside when they got home. And they were freaking out. The best was I got it all on a hidden tape but they found the hidden tape and almost deleted it but I saved it, until later when I was watching it and accidently deleted it. But the best of the week was getting screamed at and blessed by a crazy pastor. Oh man I can’t describe the experience but that is dactyl what happened I got screamed and blessed by a pastor from a different church. It was so awesome and funny and a sweet experience. It really builds my testimony for some reason lol. Oh and then we did something else that was pretty crazy that I forgot to tell to my parents. We are currently raising a pig. I know that it is bawal to have a pet but it’s ok because it’s not one it’s just our food. We are keeping it behind our apartment until next peeday. I got put in charge of it after they saw that I was able to work with pigs when I picked it up by its ears and carried it to be we needed it. It was the funniest thing one morning after talking about eating a whole pig we decided to all buy one. That was an interesting morning but it was so fun. But anyways we are raising a pig and I can’t wait until next week when we get to kill it and eat it. Not sure how we are going to do those things yet but we still got a while. It’s slowly turning into a pet though lol especially for my "Oh so obedient" companion. It’s really funny to think we are raising a pig right now loll. Man the mission is awesome. Its so hard like I say all the time but I am learning so much EVERY day and it’s awesome. God had blessing me so much it’s awesome to be able to see how when u put ur trust in him and faith. How he takes care of u. well love u all. Its was awesome to talk with u today. Take care and stay out of trouble. ELDER RINER

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