Monday, May 24, 2010

Well the mission. I’m LIVING IN A 3rd world country. Lol I kind of realized that this morning when I was getting the herd of aunts off my tooth brush to brush my teeth. I hope I got them all off but its just protein isn’t it? That’s how I have to start thinking when I eat here. "Well I don’t think this will kill me". well I got my first own baptism this week, that was cool, I did it in tagalog and didn’t even mess up, I got them way under the water but I guess I messed up this one girls name, there names are so
hard to say. But that was cool. Oh this is my first baptism. I wanted to do the 2 little kids so that is who I baptized is the 2 little ones, the girl is so shy cause she thinks I'm guapo lol The feeling was pretty cool, oh man I was so fetching nervous, specially since I didn’t know I was doing it until right before and I hadn’t even memorized the prayer or had any time to memorize it but I ended up getting it pretty fast and I didn’t mess up so it was all good. Then in sacrament it was funny because we confirmed them and when they raised there hands to thank them or whatever people like throw both hands in the air and put there whole bodies into it. U just have to see it. sOOOO funny I couldn’t help but just bust up, cause I was doing sacrament so I was in the front to see them all.
Sending a comp home is such a weird experience, we left on good terms though so that was good. I was iffy though because right before he left it was just me and him in the apartment and I threw the whole deck of cards in his face and they went everywhere and he picked them up. Then we talked
about his pride problem and he said he was going to try to fix it lol but in the end we made up and I still love the guy. But it’s a long story, but he defiantly deserved it and he knew it that’s why he picked up all the cards.
I am in a 3 person now and they stink, but its all good I am teaching even more then before, my Tagalog is at another level now and I can pretty much say whatever I want and teach what I want to teach and they can understand and its just all so awesome now. The feeling is amazing, before I was so scared every day when I had to teach, do u know how hard it is to do this work when u are scared for ur turn, but now I cant wait for my turn and I love it. My comp was really good at letting me teach it’s just that my Tagalog stinks, it’s mostly just having confidence I’ve found out too. But it all came with a huge sacrifice, I can’t work out, talk, I can’t do anything anymore, its just all work and studying vocab and teaching to a wall and stuff. But this week has probably been my favorite of the mission just case I can finally teach.
I am always sick it seams like. No I don’t have malaria, and I’m all right, our AP was talking to me and said he had diarrhea for 8 months straight, and I don’t have that really right now, I’m not worried about my sickness it just hurts, and don’t send anything but candy in my packages lol I still have that oatmeal and I don’t eat it too much so don’t send more, I got ur package. Thank u so much but why did u send me that one candy lol, I mean I love it but that is just cause I’m in the Philippines, net time just send a ton of candy bars, and what happened to u loading that drive? Lol its brand new and u sent like 5 pics lol. And the whole thing melts but I put it all in the freezer and its better then new. I ate the candy bar, oh my gosh I can’t describe how good that was. And I do need medicine. I do take those vitamins, obviously they don’t help too much. I don’t have anything I am ok. I’m really ok like it’s not a big deal at all mom. I am never telling u I am sick again lol I will probably be sick my whole mission, big deal lol ill live.

Mom I really need my sim card number or I am in trouble. Did u not figure it out?
(Just a note. I haven’t seen that sim card number in probably two years. I looked upstairs in the attic and it was in the first file in the first box I looked in. If you have seen the attic, you know that was a miracle. )

Ill send pic home next week. Alright well I better go its been an hour. Even though ill probably stay in here for another half hour or so lol. Bye love ya. Tell Chelsea good luck in track!

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