Sunday, May 9, 2010

Colton called for Mother's Day today. He said that he sleeps with bugs every night. There are spiders there the size of your palm and it doesn't bother him to sleep with them. The other night he felt something on him while he was sleeping and thought it was a spider and it would eventually move on. Then he felt it crawling around on his foot and looked up because it tickled. It was a giant cockroach. It freaked him out. How come a spider is no big deal but I cockroach grosses him out, I don't know.
He said that for a child there to not have some disease or something wrong with them is almost unheard of. Everyone seems to have some kind of ailment. The sanitation there is bad and everyone just pees anywhere they feel like. I asked why they were all so sick. He said you should see what they sleep in.
The mission is really hard in that area because the elders that were in the area before them baptised everyone in the area that even came close to showing interest in the gospel, so they are all baptized but don't come to church. This made the rules for baptism change there so it's hard to meet the requirements to baptize someone.
Colton got sick and had a fever so his companion made called the mission president's wife and told him that Colton was sick. She told them to go home and rest. They went back to the apartment and wrote a note to the other companions that told them they had taken Colton to the doctor. Then they put the video camera up to record their reaction when they saw the note and hid in the back room. They started freaking out when they saw it and thought Colton was really sick. Then they saw the camera and tried to erase it. It sounds like they are having a fun time. He said they make it fun or else it would be really hard. They leave their apartment early in the morning and don't return until eight at night. In between they are sweating all day long and can't drink the water from the other people's houses so they have to take a water pouch with them where ever they go.
He says it's crazy there and he loves it. We only got to talk to him for 40 minutes because that's what the instructions are in the white book. He's trying to be obedient. Amazing!

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