Monday, November 1, 2010

Alright so ill just tell a little about my week real quick. Well this week has been pretty bomb actually. We had a good p day last week and then we got to work, Man I have seriously been workin my butt off, I cant expain how tired I am by 8 o clock its nuts! Im loving it though. Im really starting to get lost in it, the weeks are like days now and then here I am emailing u guys again, but this week was really cool. We had a zone meeting which was sick and then I got to interview my district, it was so awesome, its so crazy but I LOVE each one of them and like im just as worried for any of them as for my work and my self its cray, this week I will have my first interview for baptism so pray for me haha… but im really excited I know its going ot be a awesome opportunity. Then wendsday we worked all day! Then thurday we had exchanges, I had to go with this kid in my district that was kinda struggling and man I swear we had the best day ever, the kid is a stud with a TON of potential u just have to know how to work with him, but I prayed a TON for this split and that I would be abe to help him out and god defiantly answered that pray, man it was one of the best splits I had, and we really only got to teach one guy and we KILLED it, it was so awesome, we commited the guy to be baptized and he really wanted to and said he would go to church and everything and man it was just such a good lesson for two people that have NEVER taught together, its so nice having someone to actually teach with, my comp obviously cant do that yet but its ok he is growing sooo much and its cool to watch that happen. But the split was just awesome, I got to stay in the apartment with 4 hours, and that was like the best night, we just messed around and hardman my batch wasthere and we just hung out and talked and it was just awesome. Them we came back, then Saturday we had a baptism, and guess what… Pres came to our baptism…. it was nuts, I mean he has a WHOLE mission he can go to at any time and he comes to this one, then he brought a AP and 3 zone leaders with him…. It was crazy, and then just cause he was there allthe sudden no one would speak or wanted to do anything it was nuts, but elder Jackson got to baptize the kid, SOOOO awesome I was glad he got that opportunity. And then pres said it was a good baptism and its just always soooo aw\esome to see pres I love the guy. Then he gave me my PACKAGE! Man I was soooooo jacked, thank u so much, it was all I could do to keep put it aside and go straight to work but that is what we did and I was so glad I did cause we had AWESOME lessons that day it was just a good day, but I watched the vedio, I just got done watching it here too, man I love it, payton is way fast lol and then it was so sick to watch all the kids play games and stuff and man CARSON is still such a NUT!.. man that was awesome though. I loved it thank u sooo much. But pretty much me and elder Jackson are just tearing it up, I mean we are doing the best we can with what we can, the only thing that we are strugging with is getting the ward to help us but im trying to fix it and ive been getting some meetings set up so its good, even though its like pulling teeth … J. Pretty much im loving it all sooo much, im surprised how much a am growing. Its just all SUCH a humbling experience, everything. Just how much I NEED my god in everything I do and how we pray atleast 20 different times a day and just thank him and ask for his help and just always talking with him and feeling his love for these peope we teach like really loving them and wanted to help them out SOOOO much, not for another number or to take up time but just because u LOVE them, its sooo cool.

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