Sunday, January 2, 2011

man my week was nuts mom, i love my president
here is my week
Man I had a pretty crazy week; I guess it all started last week
right after we got done emailing, my comp lost his camera. Actually he
didn’t really loose it it just got stolen, we left to go to the
bathroom for no more then 2 min cause it was closed, and when we got
back his camera was gone, and it was a mess, it really wasn’t cool I
felt bad! Then Tuesday we had district meeting. It was a pretty good
one but the craziest thing was that I found out I wasn’t moving… man I
really thought I was but im way happier im not. The only thing is that
I am still with elder Jackson, man this will be our 3rd cycle, that’s
pretty rare. Then also both our zone leaders left and we got 2 knew
once which is pretty rare too, it was crazy. We also had a interview
for a baptism which didn’t go as planned surprisingly and she needed
to get interviewed by pres, which we did and she will be getting
baptized this Saturday. Wednesday was we had the craziest thing happen
to us. We went to this family to teach that that lives in the middle
of nowhere. And every time we go there, there is this crazy old women
that lives on her own in this shack, like literally I do not know how
she stays alive I kid u not it is nuts. But we also pass her going to
this family and she is always talking to herself but we just walk by
and she doesn’t notice us. But this time as we were walking by she
stated talking to me, and at first I didn’t notice cause she never
talks, but then I turned around and she was going off about her life….
Man it was sad, this women is OLD and she lives alone and she is
straight CRAZY. So she goes off like in this rhyme kind of rhythm like
memorized thing, it was nuts, then she was like “Sir, give me, pera…”
which means money, and it was just funny cool and sad all at the same
time to listen too, she when off like that for 5 min, and so my comp
gets out ten pesos to give her, and like grabs her had to put it in it
and she wouldn’t take it she just kept foing off in tagalong it was so
weird, then she days how she just wants something to read, so I gave
her one of out pamphlets and she FREAKS out, she took it and just
looked at it, and her eyes got HUGE cause she saw jesus on the front
and she started going off in an ilikano prayer , it was funny, she
was like baling, so then I was like “ elder, give my another one, im
going to blow this womens mind” so I got another one and I gave it to
her, and she took it and looked at them both and just went off, we sat
there and she was just like praying or something like crazying at the
same time, it was weird so we just kept going and then like 10 min we
could still hear her haha it was nuts, so then we go to this family
and found out they weren’t there and they were at the friends across
the river, so we go over there and we see them and ther house was in
the middle of nothing. So we figured out how to get over there, and
there was no other way except by crossing the river, so we took off
our shoes and crossed haha it was crazy it was the freshest water and
it went up to about our knees haha it was sweet, when we got over we
found out they were DRUNK! Man were they drunk, it was bad, then they
forced us to eat there DISTCUSTING pancit, it was not cool. So we did
and it was so funny, cause they were so drunk and just out of out
minds, me and elder Jackson were cracking up so hard cause this one
guy couldn’t even talk he was so drunk and he had no front teeth at
all and he had the biggest smile looking at us, oh man it was the
funniest thing in this world we were busting up. So finally we shoved
the pancit down our throats and got out of there, it was so funny, as
we were leaving that one extremely drunk guy was right by us and I was
like “ elder watch, these ones speak alien”, then I went off in alien
to him and he spoke it back, elder Jackson was busting up, it was
hilarious. So that was our crazy experience over there. Friday was
NUTS, pres and the 2 assistance came over to observe our weekly
planning, it was intimidating but awesome, and he said we did good.
After that we ran and I ate the grossest thing I have ever eaten thus
far in my mission, it was pig intestines that was cooked in the
grossed broth I have ever taisted, they made it more bitter on purpose
is what they told me, like u cant believe how bitter it was, elder
Jackson couldn’t do it, I forced it down, the broth was so gross it
made the intestines, taste delicious! Man I got stomach problems after
that meal, it was so bad. Then from there we went straight to my
district meeting that I had with the knew zone leaders, that was
awesome. There cool and it was just a cool little meeting even though
it is way way boring. Right when that was done we ran home, got cloths
and ran to the cauayan, pres invited us to go there for new years, it
was the best, we stayed up until like 1 thirty, eating American food,
playing games, basketball, football, pingpong, everything and the food
was AMAZING, then we watch, “ the greatest gift” which was awesome!,
even though I had already saw it once before at home. Right after the
movie it was about 11:30 so we went outside, it was nuts, I have never
seen anything like it, sooooo many fire works going off in every
direction for like 3 hours straight, it was the coolest thing to just
sit and watch with a bunch of other missionaries, I will never forget
that! So it by time it was pretty much done it was late, soeveryone
started getting ready for bed. Farley, hale and me all slept on the
couch and just told stories tell we went to sleep, it was funny cause
there was a bunch of beds left but I wanted to sleep on the couch so
bad haha I loved it!!! When we woke up it smelt SOOOO GOOOODDDD< pres
made pancakes and sausage and eggs and everything else for us, the
best breakfast I have had in FOREVER< then I took the first hot shower
I have taken in the Philippines, it was amazing, I cant explain to you
how spoiled u are to have hot water showers every day, I did not want
to get out, it was crazy. So then after we ate we went home and just
started working. We found out that crazy women we met on Thursday
burnt her house down, me and elder went there and I was like “ WHERE
IS HER HOUSE?” then we just looked at eatchother and started laughing,
then we found out she burned it down … Sunday was awesome. We ha 111
people go to church, our church was FULL  it was way nice, we also
had a lot of investigator go to church, loved it! Man my week was
awesome, it was like to much haha but I loved it, man it was crazy,
even though the party was so much fun, and it was like I was in
America again for about 6 hours, I missed the work and was so ready to
just get home and go visit and teach my investigators, I relised I
loved the work more then anything and even though that was all good
and fun and I loved it, it was still way better to get right back to
the work!

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