Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is WAY hot, but its cooler then the rest of the year, its accutally pretty nice weather, but i know i have gotten use to the hot a lot too. and harvest is never over its a on going process in this area.
My week was pretty full, now that I think back on it a TON happened this week, its crazy. First of all last Tuesday we had our zone meeting witch pres attended and it was pretty cool but the best was my split with elder goobie.
We went to his area and we tore it up J we had a ton of lessons and they were all good. But then the night started to role around and in there area they have a college so they have like boarding for all the kids that attend the college, so me and goobie went there cause they had an investigator but we got punted there so me as we were walkin back I saw a whole bunch of guys and I went to talk to them and they let us in there huge house and then me and goobie ended up teaching about 20 guys and girls from ages 16-21 it was crazy!
We just taught them the restoration but it was so cool cause at first it kinda seemed like a joke to them but as we started teaching and bearing testimony all of them were just eatin it up, it was way crazy and it was so intimidating cause me and goobie were in the very middle of them and as u teach u have to like look all around and there all these kids ur age and its just way nuts. When we left we just looked at eatchother and we started laughing, I think It was one of those,” you have to be there” kid of things but it was defiantly sick!

Then we left and as we were walkin right by this road, the truck was coming right at us going way fast and all the sudden, RIGHT in front of us we hear this load bump and then the truck just flys by and this dog jumps up and just starts screaming and runs as fast as it can right at us then doges us and keeps going, im sure it went and just laid down and died somewhere it got his HARD!
Our split was just cool, after we got home we stayed up and talked and told stories and stuff with elder hardman too, it was all pretty cool. Then the next day I met the other district leader and went straight to our leadership meeting.
Man that was a cool meeting, it was all the leaders in my whole mission and it was just cool. I saw elder Naylor and Hale and that was just way awesome I love seeing them. We just talked and I found out about them and then old comps and stuff and it was just way sick. Them we learned a lot, pres and his wife are the coolest ever, it was all about the knew cycle emphasis and stuff and it was just a good meeting, I am excited to teach it to the district.
Then we got home and I got back with my comp finally. Then the next day I had an interview with some knew baptisms in my district. My district is tearing it up! All of them are way excited for this month cause we are all just baptizing everyone we have been preparing lol so its going to be aweome, I pretty much have a interview every week. My interviews were way good. I reinterviewed that one kid, WOW it was awesome!
But while I was interviewing my comp went with goobies comp to teach this other family, who brought there pastor of inglesia, he came out just in ahh lol it was funny, he was just amazed at what just happened, they straight like got all there doctrine, he said the guy was like straight devilish haha it was funny, me and goobie were just laughing at what he was saying, we have all experienced it lol it just happens here in the phlipines cause there is so many churchs.
The best part of the week though again was our attendance at church, I don’t take any credit at all but our work had been SHOOTING up latly, its just nuts, and yesterday we got 102 people at church, it use to be like 45-50, its so awesome. And then we are getting a lot more progressin investigators going now and its just awesome! Loven it.
Man the mission is flying, this week was crazy, I just wrote the jest of it all there is so much more inbetween, im learing a lot from investigators, just watching them progress and everything is just such a humbling expeiraince, looking at people give up life long habits cause of this gospel and all of it is just way cool. Love it, couldn’t go any of it without the HUGE help that im receiving. Thanks for the prayrs J

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