Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, it was a pretty sweet week. Tuesday we had a sweet Distric meeting. My I love our district, it makes being the district leader so easy when theyre all so awesome. Like the whole distrcit is just cool and there is no disobedient ones so I love it J. Then Wednesday was pretty sick, me and elder sanders went to that one huge meeting in cauayan again where every leader in the mission meets… it was sick, I saw a bunch of batch, Naylor, Pincoc, it was all way cool, didn’t want to leave haha. But I leared a lot that I was able to take home with me and use and I cant wait to share it with the district. Plus I hit me one year mark this week, that was sweet, ill send pictures later. We burned my pants, they were trash anyways. We had the best baptism I have ever witnessed in my life. We baptised Aderacion finally, it was so awesome. She started like crying in the font before she was baptised and it was all SOOOO good. Loved it, I was so jacked after it was done. Then Sunday we had to go to our district confrence, which was awesome just cause we had a ton of investigators go. And we saw everyone, like my whole district was there, and we all went out and ate afterwards. It was just a good week, our investigators are all really really awesome. God is blessing them all with answers and we are really able to focus on all there problems so we can get them baptised, so it had all been really good, and even though it seemed like we had no time to work in our area cause I had so many district leader things to do, God made it all happen and it was just way smooth and we ended up getting a ton of teaching in this week.

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