Monday, January 17, 2011


well mom its been a good week. so pretty much i am deciding
that i need to try this. ive thought about it a lot haha and kinda for
a long time. its defiantly not disobedient to write back and forth
like we do but i think it makes my think about u guys more then i
should. i always fight to keep my mind on the work and i think this
will be something taht will help me out a little bit more. but its not
cool cause talking to u guys for like a hour is the best of my week
except when i have awesome experiences. but i totally know what u said
is true about if u put god first everything will just fall in place.
even if the blessings dont come right away, or even in this life. so
chelsea is going to byui ha? man that is going to be hard haha im
never going to be able to see her, im like 90 percent sure im going to
byu utah unless god tells me other wise. well mom i hope everyhting is
going good at home. i got the package and i LOVED IT haha it was
aweosme. the songs are legit too. oh and btw u need to send that USB
back so i can send this one too u, its almost full again with pictures
and ull lovethem haha. well mom thanks for everything. keep up the
good work, ur the best mom and i always use u in my teaching cause ur
the one that taught me everything i first originaly knew haha

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