Monday, January 24, 2011


so it sounds like everything is going pretty good at home. i think, its always been crazy, i thought it would calm down a TON without me there, who is the trouble maker??? man im sure that the hawkins family isnt liek that or all those other crazy morman families. but for ours i dont think there is really anythingu can do, its just in our blood i feel to be wild like that.... so i hope the week is going good. hey mom u need to send me a usb full of pictures, that calendar was awesome but i want some more pictures. please try to send me some of like me in football, like in pads or somthing or like basketball of track. send me like a senior pic or osmthing i wana see if i have changed, im getting way fatter haha idk what to do its out of controle haha buts its all good, idk, im getting stronger too so its all good with me, its just everyone that really knows me from the start of my mission gives me so much crud now! well mom keep up the good work. i love ya, i always think of u too, but its always a good thing, like somthing i learned from u or somthign haha. have a good week.

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