Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well this week was another pretty full week. So it started off I guess last Monday, it was a pretty good p-day and stuff but it was raining so hard… but anyways one time we relised that there was this girl following us and she was POOR and it was just weird but I told it was nuts we finally got in this tricycle to go home and she was like “get out” and I was like heck no and she was like I am going with u and im like NO WAY lol, but she was stubbord and wouldn’t go away and she just waited and then she was like crying when we left, it was weird im pretty sure she wanted to come home with us…. cause she didn’t want our money…. but then Tuesday was NUTS, I had district meeting and a ton of interviews for baptism and it was nuts, it was a way cool experience to be able to interview people but it was horribe, so its really rare that u have to like fail someone in a interview, but it was my FIRST day doin it and I had no choice, the kid was just straight up not ready, I felt soooo bad but he really wasn’t ready, I was like MY LUCK L. But district meeting was pretty good and everything. Then Wednesday was crazy. We had our trainee/ trainers meeting and it was just us and president talking about all our experiences with them and how we can do better and stuff it was just really cool, man pres is sooo nice I love it everytime we get to go over there, there was this one time that I was just standing there and he called me into his office just to give me a candy bar and tell me he can see I am maturing a lot since he first got here and that im becoming a strong preisthood holder, it was way cool man, but the whole thing was just pretty fun. I also got to see some awesome people and stuff it was legit. Then Thursday we had splits with someone else in my district and it was cool. I went with elder elis and it was nuts cause it has been raining sooooo much here its crazy so it flooding in our area in some parts and we saw just houses like full of water it was sad for them! I felt bad! And then we walked a TON! Then Friday we got back and it was a good day, we just worked and worked and worked again and then we saw these old women fishing and talked to them, I recorded it and I am excited to show u it cause its sooo funny I would send u the pic but I just pluged in my camera and it shocked the crud out of me, they said that its ok but I don’t trust it so I don’t want to plug in my camera again, but these old women were way legit u will laugh when I send it home to u. then Saturday was kinda the same. We just worked a TON again and it was way good! Then at night it was funny we accidently got a ride with this drunk van driver and then we got out to to help this other drunk but u had tiped over his motor, I lifted it up for him then u just here ihim trying to start it but he cant! So then like 5 min later we see him walk past us and he was like, “ it didn’t want to start so im just leaving it” lol it was RIGHT in the midle of the road and I felt bad for the guy so I went and I got it and pushed it to the nearest tindahan and just told the owner to give it to the guy the next day. But it was funny cause then we ended up teahcing that guy later that same night , not him but his family, and in the middle of an intence discussion I was like “ do u have any questions u want to ask me?”: and he was like I DO and he ws like “ who pushed my bike to the tindahan?” and I told him I did and he said thanks and gave me high five, we laughed so hard, but the best part was he wnet to church the next day, he was acctually just a member, just has a problem with the word of wisdom. It was nuts, then Sunday came and it was a good day, we killed it again and it was a fast and testimony meeting, it was just such a awesome Sunday cause we have been teaching soooo many less actives and a TON came to church and I was just so thankful, so I HAD to bear my testimony even though I didn’t want to but it was awesome! MAN this whole week was just legit, we worked our butts off this week, our numbers and pretty high too, I think we got like 36 teachings in this week or something, plus we had district meetings and trainier meeting and splits, so we worked our BUTTS off. It just feels so good though, the week FLEW! And was SOOO tired though every night, one time my comp was saying the closing prayer and I fell asleep then I woke up and I was like AMEN< and I looked at him and we just started laughing lol it was pretty funny, that happens all the time though its funny, but the missin is good. I feel really good about everything right now and it all going aweosme, and the branch is started to get excited about the work now too so it should only start getting better! LOVE YA ALL

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