Sunday, November 7, 2010

Training the Trainers and New Missionaries

Sister Carlos -
Our specialized training for trainers and new missionaries was delayed for several weeks, due to the typhoon. So this week we had our 7 amazing trainers and their new missionary companions come in for a day of training. After a joint session the groups separated. The new missionaries were led by our two able assistants, Elder Paco and Elder Bayles. Elder and Sister Breese also took part in their training. President and I spent our time training the trainers. We asked each trainer to share with us something they admired about their new companion. They blew us away. This new batch of missionaries is top knotch. Every one of the trainers told us that they were learning from the missionary they were supposed to train. We still laugh when we think about Elder Riner's statement as he described his new companion Elder Jackson. "He's a stud!"

This is a view of some of our trainers. President Carlos says that the most important leadership job in our mission is being a trainer. Good trainers are fundamental in setting a strong foundation for new missionaires.

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