Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey fam, this week was pretty legit… lets see, first we had a ok Monday, just got things done then we went and had a pretty sweet family home evening, this lady asked my to show her family how to do it so that’s what we did Monday night then we went and taught some less active families. Then Tuesday we had district meeting and it was way legit and my district is kickin trash so its way cool. Plus I stiniking love them, then after the meeting we all went and ate together at this sick restraunt and ate some kind of weird pizza that was really good. Then I met the Zone leaders and me and pincoc had a split, so I worked with him the whole day and it was soooo nice to have another missionary to teach with it was just awesome, then we just talked a lot, this is the same guy I lived with at the begging of my mission in the same howuse and so me and him are really tight and it was a way good time, then me and jackson got back together and went and worked our tails off again, man we worked really really good this week I felt really good about it its just that the people we are teaching arnt really going anywhere, but its all good it’ll work out, we are doing a pretty good job and all we can so im not to worried. Then wednsday was pretty sick just cuase we made some weights with some old paint cans cvement and a metal bar, but there legit there a good 60 pounds maybe and then we have this place that is kinda set up like a bentch thing so I use to to bench I just have to do a TON of reps but its good, so pretty much I am working out really good every morning now so its feels really good and im loveing that. Then Thursday we walked to the moon and back, its was seriously soooooo far but it was good, we have a pretty fast walk lol so its all good. Yesterday was defianlty the highlight of everything though, even though we had good lessons and stuff it was defianlty the best cause we had 90! People at church, it has almost doubled now that me and elder jackson have really been getting after it, I wanted to cry I was so happy, I have just grown a knew love for each and every member and I just want this SOOOO bad for them. So I was soooo happy. Then we are also starting to get the members pretty excited about this work too so yesterday I had like 15 people work with me lol just go to less actives and stuff, it was nuts, and it wasn’t just kids it was like grown ups and it was cool then we had a bunch go with jackson too so we did splits and it was just really cool. But that’s pretty much my week without the details, man everything is just going really good. We come home EXHAUSTED everynight and it just feels so nice. Im loving it, man we have transfers this week too but I am pretty sure that me and jackson are going to stay comps for one more cycle atleast then I don’t know what will happen. Im cool with staying with him, he is a hard worker too. Welll tahts pretty much my week, I cant believe how the time is flying now, its nuts, right now im with my distric and were going to go hang out after this so I am pretty excited, love ya all, hope everything is going good at home!

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