Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well…. This was another pretty cool week, but when ur serving in the philipines u have to just sit in ur apartment not to have crazy experiences all the time. Well Tuesday we had our district meeting and it went pretty good, it was kinda weird cause it was the last one with all of us together but actually like pretty much no one left so I was way excited for that. Oh and the best part was when I was in my accounting with Elder hardman and his comp they were way excited and they said I defiantly made the right choice by failing that kid and right now he is just taking it all in and doing a ton better they said, man that made me feel SOOO much better it was awesome. then we went to cauayan and a little kid tried to pick pocket my comp it was really funny and it was so obviouse lol dumbo! wednsday was pretty cool man I am just forgetting everything that happened, I know we blessed a girl and she thought she had some kind of bad spirit in her cause she said she went to all the doctors and stuff and none of them knew what to do and she was way sick, then we blessed her and the next day we went and she said she was all better, sometimes we don’t even recognize the little miricles that a loving heavenly does for his kids… then right now we are teaching some kids that are doing so much better, its soooo weird teaching them and getting them off of ciggerets and drinking and stuff when we are the same age its just so weird but its cool too, this week are work really started to pick up a lot it was nice, we are getting a ton more people coming to church and progressing investigators and god is really blessing us for our work right now, it does help too that we average over 30 lessons every week, so that is nice, we really do work hard but we just work like everyone should its not that its overdue or anything… we have also been blessed with some awesome people that our helping me with my own testimony so much, we have this one investigator we just found and she is really investigating our church she is just looking so hard for what is true in this life, u can just tell she has been into church stuff her whole life and she always has good questions and its so intimidating to teach her cuase ur defiantly going to get ur stuff tested but we’ve sjust received a ton of help and its so cool, she is going to church and stuff so that is awesome. which reminds me, pres and sister carlos came to our church this week, is was way way cool, I always love seeing them, but it was a huge surprise too. Plus I had to give a talk in sacrament again and he was ther but that was alright it was a pretty good talk and I didn’t prepair anything, I just wrote down a bunch of verses, that the best way to teach anyways, just share a verse and testify of it. That’s it. Then with our lesson that night she was crying telling us how she just wants to know whats true and that’s why she asks so many questions and stuff and I just loved it it was just a uncredible feeling, I havnt felt a stronger spirit except in the temple. We also taught this girl last night that said no one loved her and she just wanted to more and get away and she was like 65 it was like she was just lookin at her life and seeing nothing, and so I just shared a few verses how god knows and loves her and anything and she was crying to but she was trying so hard not to, its just so cooling sharing how much god really knows and loves us, its stregethns my own testimony about it. Then we are also teaching this other guy our age to he said he hasn’t been to church FOREVER but we got him to go last week, he walked really far to just to go it was soooo aweomse, he is pretty funny to, he is just so chill and is just one of those guys that is always happy and smiling, and there was this one time, I pretty much treat the kid like I have known him my whole life, but I went in his room and he was totally pretending to sleep so I said something and his stomach was just going back and forth like he was laughing I was like I saw that get up and come work with us, so he just got up and started to work with us lol it was only like the 3rd time I met him but he actually came and worked with us and it was jut funny. Elder Jackson couldn’t belive it haha it was pretty funny. I just cant explain it, I just love these people so much and each one I see at church or progressing in any way its just aundescribale, and plus right now we have a lot of that going on, peole just growing, so its sooo sweet. Love this gospel, its does nothing but awesome things for every life its able to effect. Then we also went on slits with the ward again, that was cool, we had atleast 20 people just walking around with us it was nuts but its helping the ward out and the ward is really starting to grow right now. It was sweet, yesterday we had a meeting with them and we showed them who we were teaching and what we needed and im pretty sure they were pretty impressed that we had so many to teach even though we only but like half up there lol so it was cool, one of the RMs was like “ One thing is for sure!,… ur wifes are going to be WAY BEAUTIFUL!” lol I just started laughing it was funny, but I don’t take any credit, all success is given to us from god, I just know god is seeing our works and blessing us for them, im very thankful and I just keep seeing how small I really am in this work, its soooo sweet!

Sorry, im like 90 percent sure most of this doesn’t make since but its cause I typed it really fast and just through ideas out there and hopfully u can understand it J

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